Welcome To Boobtique

A Dedicated Breast Cancer Organization

Boobtique was founded by breast cancer survivor, Jaime Zografos. Jaime was the first one of all her friends to go on this journey of breast cancer. She had no idea what was in store or what she needed. Jaime had nothing planned, as she did not know what to expect. There was no hoodie to keep warm with interior drain pockets – Jaime had to use safety pin for the drains to her hospital bra. Jaime did not have an apron for drains. She did not have a front-close sports bra and could not move her arms around for any other bra, due to the double mastectomy. Jaime was alone on her journey and it was scary, frustrating, and a huge learning experience. Jaime wanted every other woman to know what they needed to be able to make the journey easier, so she created Boobtique. This is your one-stop shop for breast cancer gifts that help others, created by a survivor for survivors.

boobtique is a 501c3

Cancer is going to be a chapter in your life, not the whole story.